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Episode 6

ASHTAR Theatre and Eagle Project

Palestine and Turtle Island 

This episode takes place at the ASHTAR Theatre in Ramallah, Palestine, and on New York's Lower East Side where artists from the ASHTAR and Eagle Project are forging collaborations between Palestinian and Native American artists. This episode explores the intricacies of political and artistic solidarity while proposing questions of how artists can work to decolonize spaces both in and out of the rehearsal room. 

ASHTAR Theatre and Eagle Project Credits 

Hosted and Directed by Ashley Marinaccio 

Featuring Iman Aoun and Ryan Victor "Little Eagle" Pierce 

Edited by Keva Andersen 

Stage Left Intro Electroblurgen "Gentle, Cruel Orb"
Stage Left Credits Music  Janet Bentley and Andy Evan Cohen "The Rolypolys"

Stage Left Intro Photo by Jody Christopherson 

Executive Producer Karen Gunn

Graduate Center Advisor/Consultants: Michael Mandiberg (ITP) and Dr. Jean Graham-Jones (Theatre and Performance) 

Produced and Supported by Dominique Bravo,  Jackie Shapiro, Patrick Clearly, Gerit Quealy 

Special Thanks: ASHTAR Theatre, Eagle Project, Michael Mandiberg (ITP), CUNY Graduate Center Provost Digital Innovations Grant, Drew Bolander, Dr. Carlos Hernandez, Dr. Ximela Gallardo

This project has been supported by a grant from the CUNY Graduate Center Digital Initiatives and the Office of the Provost. This project is also supported by the NY Public Humanities Fellowship

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