Episode 1

Cabaret for Life

New Jersey Shore 

Stage Left kicks off with a visit to the Jersey Shore to meet the creative team of Cabaret for Life's Housewives of Monmouth County. Cabaret for Life is celebrating its 25th year of raising money for local HIV/AIDS charities. In this episode, we look at how the Housewives of Monmouth County, an episodic theatre project spanning the course of 10 years, poking fun at the Jersey Shore has become a local legend and helped to revitalize a beach town. 

Cabaret for Life Credits 

Hosted and Directed by Ashley Marinaccio

Featuring Andrew Deprisco, Fred Mayo, Velda Harris, Kristin Babcock, Heather Varley, Kelly Ross, Jodi Woolley, Leonie Higgins, and Mary Keefe
Cinematography by Noura Boustany Jost

Additional Videography by Janet Bentley 
Edited by Janet Bentley

Additional Editing by Noura Boustany Jost
Sound Mixed by Robert A.K. Gonyo
Original Composition and Sound Design by Janet Bentley
Wardrobe Design by Stacey Oliver
Graduate Center Advisor/Consultants: Michael Mandiberg and Dr. Jean Graham-Jones 

Stage Left Intro Electroblurgen "Gentle, Cruel Orb"
Stage Left Credits Music  Janet Bentley and Andy Evan Cohen "The Rolypolys"

Stage Left Intro Photo by Jody Christopherson 

Additional Footage provided by Andrew Deprisco, Cabaret for Life and Axelrod Performing Arts Center

Executive Producer Karen Gunn
Supported by Dominique Bravo, Jackie Shapiro, Patrick Clearly, Gerit Quealy
Special Thanks to Andrew Deprisco, Fred Mayo,  Robert A. K. Gonyo, Michael Mandiberg (ITP), CUNY Graduate Center Provost Digital Innovations Grant, Drew Bolander, Dr. Carlos Hernandez, Dr. Ximela Gallardo

This project has been supported by a grant from the CUNY Graduate Center Digital Initiatives and the Office of the Provost. This project is also supported by the NY Public Humanities Fellowship